This document has been produced to aid doctors, appraisers and Responsible Officers in the collection of information under the GMC's supporting information framework.

Developed through the Revalidation and Appraisal Implementation Group, (RAIG), in Wales, this guidance aims to support improving the standard of information that is brought to medical appraisal in both primary and secondary care.

It is recommended that this document is used to inform local training around appraisal.

Quality Indicators for appraisal documentation to support revalidation in Wales

Appraisal Discussion Assessment Method (ADAM)

The Wales Deanery has developed a tool for analysing recorded appraisal discussions. This is a formative tool used to assess the quality of the appraisal discussion that might also be used to self-assess or to provide feedback to appraisers to improve appraisal discussion skills. ADAM was developed as a tool to improve appraisal discussion skills and is applicable to both primary and secondary care for use in initial training and the development of more experienced appraisers.