If you are unsure of who your RO is or what Health Board/Designated Body you are with, please use the GMC online tool.

Licensed doctors are required to link to a Responsible Officer, in Wales this is your Health Board Medical Director. The Responsible Officer will make a recommendation to the GMC about a doctor's fitness to practise, normally every five years. The recommendation will be based on the outcome of a licensed doctor's annual appraisals over the course of five years, combined with information drawn from the clinical governance system of the organisation in which the licensed doctor works. 

Appraisal summary – communicating with the Responsible Officer

A guide has been produced for all Appraisers in Wales, to help them communicate with the Responsible Officers (ROs). In particular, this document highlights where Appraisers will summarise the supporting information for revalidation in the appraisal summary, for the RO to see. The document can be found via this link.