Medical appraisal in Wales is designed to be supportive and developmental.  It should acknowledge past development whilst framing plans for progress.

In order to revalidate you will need to have completed an annual appraisal (unless exceptional circumstances have been reported such as sick leave, maternity leave etc.), every year since December 2012, based on the supporting information required.

Revalidation has medical appraisal firmly at the centre of information gathering.  The appraisal summary (formally form 4) has taken on more significance. The summary will chart progress in the same way it has always done.  Important items of development will be discussed at appraisal and reflected in the summary.  The changes will revolve around the GMC's revalidation requirements which can be found on the GMC website.

Making the most of your appraiser/appraisal

“As a doctor I want my appraiser to agree that my information is good enough for revalidation ……………………… and help me to see when its not”

Under revalidation your appraisal is more significant. Your appraiser plays an important part in planning your personal development and helping you decide which pieces of supporting information match the GMCs requirements. You and your appraiser should agree what is “good enough” and should also agree what “needs further work”.

Many doctors strive for excellence.  Whilst admirable, this is not a revalidation requirement and each piece of supporting information only needs to meet the GMC’s requirements.  Your appraiser does not make a revalidation decision and an individual appraisal summary only forms part of the jigsaw. Indeed early on in the revalidation cycle you may have insufficient or absent information in a few of the supporting information categories. The skill of the appraiser is to work with you to fill the gaps through developmental planning in your PDP.  You will benefit most if you work with your appraiser on this planning, by bringing ideas to the appraisal perhaps through the aspirational PDP.  For more information regarding quality indicators please follow this link.

Most doctors already have regular appraisals and collect ongoing information to support their professional development.

The appraiser you choose does not need to be from within the same specialty or grade as you, any appraiser who has been trained can appraise any doctor. In fact many doctors have found it to be a very beneficial experience to be appraised by a doctor with little knowledge of the work they undertake as it challenges them to think more about their practice. Dr Chris Jones, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales was appraised by a SAS doctor and has written up his experiences here

Appraisal in Wales is facilitated by the Revalidation Support Unit through MARS, the website can be found here.

For further information regarding appraisal we have also created a number of Appraisal Support packs which can be found here