All key documents referred to on the Revalidation Wales website can be downloaded here.

Implementing Revalidation

GMC Supporting Information - This guidance sets out the supporting information that you will need to provide at your annual
appraisal and the frequency with which it should be provided. It also gives further details on how
the information can be used or discussed during appraisal.

GMP Framework for Appraisal and Revalidation - The framework sets out the broad areas which should be covered in medical appraisal and on which recommendation to revalidated doctors will be based.

Resources for Employers & Responsible Officers

All Wales Medical Appraisal Policy - This high level policy document has been developed to support the implementation of local processes which are fit for purpose for revalidation, consistent and fair and add value in their own right.

All Wales Policy Operating Standards Document - This supplementary document has been developed by the Wales Revalidation and Appraisal Implementation Group (RAIG), which describes the operating standards to be achieved in order to deliver the policy, good practice guidance and templates.

All Wales Appraisal Exceptions Management Protocol - The protocol outlines the key principles of the annual appraisal process in Wales, its links with revalidation and its management in this context. The document describes protocols which apply to a range of different exceptional situations.

GP Exceptions Guidance

Medical Appraisal Exceptions Guidance

Guidance on the Role of Responsible Officers for Doctors and Employers - The protocol outlines the key principles of the annual appraisal process in Wales, its links with revalidation and its management in this context. The document describes protocols which apply to a range of different exceptional situations.

Managing conflicts of interest between doctors and ROs in Wales- This document outlines how to manage conflicts of interest between a doctor and an RO in the context of Revalidation.

Revalidation Advisory Groups Terms of Reference - This document has been provided as guidance for designated bodies in Wales.

Responsible Officer Information Flows FormIf a doctor moves designated body it can be difficult for the new Responsible Officer to obtain information regarding that doctor for them to make a revalidation recommendation. A sub group of RAIG have developed this form which needs to be completed by the doctor and the previous Responsible Officer, this form is then passed to the new Responsible Officer allowing them to become aware of any current issues etc.

Quality Management Framework Template - Effective Quality Management is crucial to the on-going success of medical appraisal in Wales, and its contribution to other quality improvement and governance processes including revalidation. The document has been developed by a sub-group of RAIG and distributed to DBs, this should enable DBs to evaluate the robustness of existing arrangements and assess the extent to whch these are fit for purpose. 

Appraiser Standards Framework - An overview of quality assurance indicators relating to the selection, training and performance management of medical appraisers.

What Does Revalidation Mean for Me?

Supporting Information for Appraisal and Revalidation - The GMC guidance tells doctors the six types of supporting information they need to collect and how often they should collect it.

Assessing and Revalidating Information - A guide for appraisers on how to assess and then verify on MARS information for Revalidation.

Supporting Information

Validating Supporting Information Outside the Appraisal Process - Occasionally, in the last year of a revalidation cycle, a doctor may find that one or other of the six strands has not been validated in that cycle. This document explains the processes in place in Wales to enable validation of that information.

Whole Practice Appraisal

With the advent of revalidation the GMC requires a doctor to present supporting information covering all aspects of their professional duties. To support doctors in Wales in meeting Whole Practice Appraisal requirements, the following guidance has been developed.

Whole Practice Appraisal (GP)

Whole Practice Appraisal (Medical)

Revalidation for Trainees

Information for Doctors in Training - The GMC has recently published a leaflet on 'How doctors in training will revalidate', read it to find out more about the process.

Patient and Colleague Feedback

Workaround Template - If a doctor has had their final appraisal prior to their revalidation date but have not completed the patient and/or colleague feedback, the Responsible Officer (RO) will need to be informed that the feedback has occurred and that they've have reflected on the content. This must be discussed with a Supportive Medical Colleague. Both  should then fill in this template and forward to the RO before the date for revalidation as communicated by the GMC.

Quality Indicators

Quality Indicators for Appraisal Documentation to Support Revalidation in Wales - A set of quality indicators have been devised to guide both doctors and appraisers in ensuring the quality of that supporting information is sufficient.

Appraisal Discussion Assessment Method (ADAM) - The Wales Deanery has developed a tool for analysing recorded appraisal discussions. This is a formative tool used to assess the quality of the appraisal discussion that might also be used to self-assess or to provide feedback to appraisers to improve appraisal discussion skills. ADAM was developed as a tool to improve appraisal discussion skills and is applicable to both primary and secondary care for use in initial training and the development of more experienced appraisers.

Revalidation Support Unit Annual Report

Annual Report 2013/14 - This is Wales Deanery's 11th Annual Report of the Revalidation Support Unit.