Introduction of Revalidation

Wales will be following the same timelines as the rest of the UK. Revalidation began in December 2012.

The Wales Revalidation Delivery Board has decided a timetable for the first 3 years of revalidation. Responsible Officers (ROs) were revalidated by March 2013 and that at least 20% of all doctors in Wales should be revalidated by 31 March 2014. All doctors should have received a revalidation date from the GMC. With a further 40% revalidating in the following two years.

How will the revalidation process work?

The GMC have given the following step by step guide to the revalidation process

  •  Licensed doctors will be required to link to a Responsible Officer (RO).  In Wales the ROs for the NHS will be the Health Board Medical Directors, click here for a list of all Designated Bodies and Responsible Officers in Wales.
  •  Licensed doctors will need to maintain a portfolio of supporting information drawn from their practice which demonstrates how they are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in Good Medical Practice Framework for appraisal and revalidation.
  •  Licensed doctors will be expected to participate in a process of annual appraisal based on their portfolio of supporting information.   
  •  The Responsible Officer will make a recommendation to the GMC about a doctor's fitness to practise, normally every five years.  The recommendation will be based on the outcome of a licensed doctor's annual appraisals over the course of five years, combined with information drawn from the clinical governance system of the organisation in which the licensed doctor works.
  •  The GMC's decision to revalidate a licensed doctor will be informed by the Responsible Officers recommendation

Who is responsible for implementing revalidation?

UK Revalidation Programme Board

Across the UK, the GMC are the body responsible for implementing revalidation.  The implementation of revalidation is overseen by the UK Revalidation Programme Board (UKRPB).  The UKRPB was formed in 2009 and provides high-level oversight and leadership of the delivery of revalidation within the four countries of the UK.   This is to ensure each nation is consistent in their approach.  

Further information on the UKRPB, as well as the requirements for revalidation and general information can be found in the revalidation section of the GMC website.

Wales Revalidation Delivery Board

In Wales, implementing revalidation is the remit of a Welsh Government Board, the Wales Revalidation Delivery Board (WRDB).  This board is chaired by Dr Chris Jones and includes representation from doctors and employers in the NHS, independent sector, British Medical Association, Wales Deanery, Community Health Councils and the Welsh Government  

Revalidation & Appraisal Implementation Group

The Revalidation & Appraisal Implementation Group (RAIG) was established in October 2011 to facilitate the consistent delivery of revalidation for all doctors in Wales.  RAIG is chaired by Dr Peter Durning and is composed of representatives from all of the organisations involved in delivering revalidation.  The group supports the operational aspects of revalidation through a work plan which includes:  the review and implementation of an all Wales appraisal policy, a standardised approach to appraisal and quality indicators for reviewing supporting information.
RAIG Terms of Reference

Medical Appraisal Revalidation System (MARS)

GP users:       

All other users:  

MARS is an online system which facilitates the appraisal process, and enables doctors to demonstrate that they have the evidence required to meet the requirements of revalidation.

Responsible Officers have the facility to review this evidence through MARS, and to use this to inform their revalidation recommendations.

A series of User Guides are available in the library section of each site and can be accessed prior to registering with the system. These take users through every step in the process from registration to submitting evidence (for doctors) and reviewing evidence and producing appraisal summaries (for doctors).

MARS has been developed by the Wales Deanery, which has run the single appraisal process for GPs on behalf of the Health Boards since 2004. Following a successful pilot which took place between 2010 and 2011, MARS is currently being rolled out for use by all other doctors in Wales as the single appraisal management system to support medical revalidation.

If you are a non-GP user and are unsure of the current position regarding MARS in your Designated Body, please contact your local appraisal management team.

For help and support with all aspects of MARS, please contact the Wales Deanery Revalidation Support Unit Service Desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ 029 20687509. Alternatively please visit please visit the FAQ section, there is one for GPs and all other doctors.